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Demonic Clockwork, an introduction

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Demonic Clockwork, an introduction

Post  The Clockmaker on Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:22 pm


Genre: human & wolf
Min/Max player age: 13 to 16 (recommended)
Word minimum: 6+ sentences at least


In 2093, the temperature in Earths lower mantle exceeded well over 9000 degrees. The heat received in the core-mantle boundary increased thermal expansion ten-fold and earths plates shifted causing world-wide phenomenon. Deadly Spores contained beneath continental plates were released with the heat expansion and in their brief days of exposure spread quickly through the human race. With only the small fraction of humans with natural immunization surviving, human society was diminished. The survivors left to dead cities, desert and the side effects.

As the spores wiped out city after city destroying the human population, wolf genetics began to show significant enhancement. Near the end of the mass homicide, wolves had doubled or even tripled in size, mental intelligence and senses had sharpened and they were found to be capable of communication through mind speak. It seemed the ultimate species had been created.

But as the humans began to band together also did they gather their weapons. When at last the first wolf lay dead, as did all chances of peace.

Human VS Wolf


Demonic Clockwork holds two different perspective roleplay, human or wolf. One category has been created for each specie, in the wolf category you are required to roleplay as a wolf and in the human category as a human. Members may hold characters in both categories. Additional plots and storyboards will be found at the 'Additional Roleplay'.

To join simply register and head back to the Forum to begin the joining application.

Questions?-visit the FAQ
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