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Site Rules

Post  The Clockmaker on Tue Oct 23, 2012 8:34 am

Every site has it's own set of rules in place to keep things running smoothly, Demonic Clockwork is no exception. Failure to comply with the rules will result in a warning and if repeatedly compromised you will be banned from the site.

STAR RULE: There is to be no posting new topics! If this rule is broken intentionally you will be banned from the site!

Exceptions made in 'Additional Roleplay', with permission from the administrator gained in 'Requests' you may make a new topic.


1.Harassment or bullying is not tolerated, remember to act maturely and express your opinions in
a way non-offensive to others.

2. You must be 13 years or older to register on Demonic Clockwork.

3. Gore is kept P-13 or under, for my fellow Aussies that's about M. If you feel something breaches the code head to the FAQ and report to 'Boundaries for gore and sexual content'.

4. Sexual content is kept PG. No exceptions. If you feel something breaches the code head to the FAQ and report to 'Boundaries for gore and sexual content'.

5. Six sentences per post is required, anything less then this will be deleted.

6. No Godmodding, powerplaying or ghosting. Your character is not invincible it cannot dodge every
attack completely. Ghosting (playing as another members character) is forbidden unless you are
given permission by the member.

7. Excessive inappropriate language harried throughout your post does nothing to increase reading
appeal, if you must keep it minimal.

8. Before logging out please send your wolf/human on a hunt or a nap, this rule has been set so
active members are not waiting days for less active members to post replies.


1. No Magic/supernatural wolves or humans (remember, wolves already have enhanced genetics).
Additional forums may be found under 'Additional Roleplay'.

2. No more then three characters per category, three wolves, three humans. Remember that each
character you create will be permanently recorded, so make sure every character you create is to
your absolute approval. If you feel your characters no longer suits you, head to 'Requests'
and click 'New Character/s', explain why you need to change them. If you have landed
admin approval head to the joining application and begin afresh. Make sure, before starting over
you allow your old character/s to 'die' in the roleplay.

3. Members must play specified lifeforms only, no roleplaying as a horse, bird, deer etc. Exceptions
made for the 'Additional Roleplay'.

4. Pups or children cannot be roleplayed, and will rely on other characters to report their movements and whereabouts.They can often be referred to silhouettes. They are created in the joining application and will count toward your character record which consists of a maximum of three of either species. Members can request the creation of offspring in the 'Requests' forum only after having created a character of appropriate age (12+).

At Demonic Clockwork we believe in honesty, please make sure you have read these rules before posting this joining key at the bottom of your application form : Good writing is like a window pane~George Orwell
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